Remember Me footage shows off memory alteration and stilted fighting


Capcom’s Remember Me is a potentially excellent game prospect; at its core is the possibility of remixing other characters’ memories, changing their perception of the world to fit your needs and surrounding this it has a solid fisticuffs combat model, and the whole thing is wrapped in a bright, crisp futuristic setting. It has a real B-movie vibe about it that when it was unveiled was endearing.

Now, as we see more of the game in action, I’m not so sure of how it’s going to turn out.

The frustration with this memory mechanic is that I don’t really see why it would become fun to play. As VG247’s chap says in the video,”You can’t move on from this scene until you get things right.” It seems that what you’ll be doing in these memory altering scenes isn’t really solving puzzles but more like being locked in a room till you’ve pressed everything. This is frustrating as the idea of memory alteration is a fascinating business, the power such an ability should grant is phenomenal but with such a scripted game it doesn’t seem to convey the possibilities it should present. I hope that playing Remember Me proves me wrong but I’ve not seen anything from these videos to suggest that it will, yet.

The combat looks good enough; it’s reminiscent of Oni, which was brill. Though it doesn’t have the same flow that we’ve seen in its contemporarythe Arkham games. It may seem an unfair comparison but Rocksteady set the bar for third person combat extremely high. Something other developers are going to have to strive for.

Remember Me is heading towards a May 2013 release. Though the actual date has yet to be announced.