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Remember Me trailer shows off fight with Kid Xmas. A man who is neither a child nor very festive


Remember Me’s latest trailer shows main character Nilin playing merry hell with the authorities in future Paris and fighting a large man on top of a building. Apparently, for no discernible reason, the man goes by the name Kid Xmas. Chilling.

Drifting back into view last August, Remember Me had originally been announced a year before as Adrift. Mixing third-person shooting, punching, and acrobatics with what’s being pitched as a memory remixing mechanic – essentially you can enter specific NPC’sminds, which appears in the form of a puzzle room, and fiddle around a bit to make them believe things that never happened happened.

The new trailer doesn’t show a great deal of the memory altering aspect to the game, instead just riffing on the game’s title saying “The name is Nilin. This time you’ll remember me”. Frankly though, I just wrote her name and it’s already gone from my head.

Almost forgot, here’s that trailer.*

*And that’s how it’s done.