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Remember Me trailer splices Blade Runner with Total Recall


Capcom’s newest IP draws inspiration from science fiction stalwarts Blade Runner and Total Recall to create a tale of memory augmentation, corporations, and kicking men in the face. As the reveal trailer shows, blending Arnie and Harrison has unexpected results.

Developer DONTNOD have you playing “memory hunter” Nilin. Her employment may sound like someone who spends their days sitting in a wicker chair frantically trying to recall the answer to their security question -“Who was my favourite primary schoolteacher? WHO?!” -but in the game’s fiction this means tracking people down, stealing their memories, implanting new ones, and hitting people.

When she finds that someone has rootled through her own brain, scrubbing memories here, scratchingtreasuredrecollections there, she goes toe-to-toe with her former employer to work out quite what the meaning of this is.

What snippets of gameplay there were between all those video sequences seem to suggest a 3rd person melee-focusedaction game. Like that Oni game what Bungee did before Halo.

Though, this isn’t the first we’ve seen of Remember Me. It was first announced as Adrift almost exactly a year ago.It was but a wee concept video back then, but a re-branding’s practically the same as a new announcement right?

Remember Me is scheduled for a May 2013 release