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One of last year’s best games is about to get a huge new DLC

Remnant 2, the popular multiplayer horror soulslike, is about to receive a massive new DLC called The Forgotten Kingdom, coming very soon.

One of last year's best multiplayer games gets huge new DLC: A horned figure wearing a wooden mask, from Remnant 2.

Remnant 2, a combination of Elden Ring’s challenging design and third person co-op shooting reminiscent of multiplayer favorites like Tom Clancy’s The Division or Gears of War, is one of the best games to launch last year. Since then, its creators at Gunfire Games have continued to work on the project, adding new features like cross platform play and pushing out updates. Now, one of the largest new additions to Remnant 2 to date has been announced, with the news that it will soon receive a huge new paid DLC.

Remnant 2‘s The Forgotten Kingdom DLC is set to provide plenty of reasons for players to return to the co-op game. Its storyline is described as a look into the history of a forgotten civilization that’s uncovered through an attempt to stop an angry ancient spirit named Lydusa. This antagonist’s stone minions, one of The Forgotten Kingdom’s new adversaries, will attack the player as they traverse the desolate landscape that Lydusa haunts.

The DLC will add in new quests, non playable characters, dungeons, and gear, but its most exciting update will, for many, be the introduction of a brand new Archetype called ‘The Invoker.’ This new Archetype is a pretty great incentive to return to the game, even for players who have run through Remnant 2 many times before with its existing classes.

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The Forgotten Kingdom DLC is out on April 23.

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