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8/10 soulslike hit gets cross-play update and limited time game event

Remnant 2, the hit soulslike and RPG game mash-up, has just received cross-play functionality and a limited time event in a big new update.

Soulslike cross-play update: A woman in a baseball hat from Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 was a big success when it launched last year. It followed up on its predecessor’s blend of Diablo style loot gathering and Dark Souls or Elden Ring inspired combat and exploration systems with improvements to just about every design element that made 2019’s Remnant: From the Ashes stand out from similar games. Now, thanks to a new update that’s just launched, it’s easier than ever to check out what Remnant 2 has to offer with friends. At last, the game has added cross-play support that bridges the gap between PC and consoles.

The soulslike game already had a strong focus on co-operative play, which means that Remnant 2‘s new cross-play feature is a welcome addition for those eager to group up with their friends, regardless of whether they’re on PC, Xbox Series X and S, or PlayStation 5.

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Gunfire Games is also bringing back Remnant 2’s Aberration Domination mode as a limited time event with this new update. As before, the mode sees unique monsters popping up across the game’s maps. When beaten, they drop Corrupted Shards which can be used to craft corrupted takes on the Savior, Sorrow, Cube Gun, Twisted Arbalest, and Nebula weapons. Aberration Domination will be available from today until Tuesday March 5.

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