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Adventure/strategy Renowned Explorers scratches your 19th century expedition itch, out today

Renowned Explorers

That’s an endearingly straightforward name if ever I saw one. Renowned Explorers. Just try to guess what you might get up to in that game. More of this sort of thing, games industry. Bearing elements of Civilization and a faint whiff of Monkey Island 3 (seriously, there’s a ghost pirate in the trailer who’s LeChuck’s absolute double), it’s out today on Steam, GOG and Humble Store.

The big sell in Renowned Explorers is ‘attitude-based gameplay.’ According to developers Abbey Games, it’s “a new type of tactical turn-based combat. While guiding your explorers across the globe in search for treasure you can encounter locals that require a strategic approach to deal with them, be it through a physical or social course of action.”

The devs also cite The Sims as a major influence on gameplay, and you do get a feel for that in the trailer above. You’ll have 20 party members to take on your expeditions, each with unique character traits that may prove a strength or a weakness in the field.

One party member wins a turn-based battle by humilating her foe with insults. Battles can also be won by charming the locals of whichever island idyll you’re laying claim to. It’s social interaction warfare, albeit a rather cutesy version thereof. Also you can just kill people with swords if that’s more your pace.

Ooh, and if you already own Abbey Games’ previous title Reus on Steam, GOG or Humble Bundle, you’ll get 25% off Renowned Explorers.