Report: Linux-based Steam Box will be unveiled this year


The Steam Box will reportedly run on Linux, not Windows. That’s the news German computing site Golem have credited to Valve engineer Ben Krasnow.

Golem claim to have spoken to Krasnow at the SSIM conference on December 29th. The site writes that Valve plan to reveal the Linux-based Steam Box at one of this year’s gaming expos, which likely means either the Game Developers Conference in March or E3 in June.

There are two more things you should know about Mr Krasnow. The Valve engineer sports a fantastic moustache, and has built a chicken-tested X-Ray machine in his garage.

While Steam Big Picture Mode has paved some of the way for a fixed-hardware Steam Box and everybody knows Gabe Newell loves Linux, it’s worth bearing in mind that Steam for Linux currently exists only in tentative beta.

What would you like to see the Steam Box run on? Fingers crossed here at PCGamesN for some sort of potato clock-based apparatus.