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Resident Evil 2 Remake rebuilt with classic fixed camera, playable now

2019's Resident Evil 2 Remake has been given the 1998 classic's fixed camera in a new mod, offering up a great new way to experience it.

Resident Evil 2 fixed camera mod: a young woman with parted brown hair, a determined look on her face, and a red leather jacket

2019’s Resident Evil 2 Remake expertly builds on Capcom’s iconic survival horror game by modernizing some of the more aged details and keeping what still works today. While the RE2 Remake completely forgoes the classic fixed camera, a dedicated modder has managed to recreate it, restoring the perspective from the original.

The Resident Evil 2 Remake has been torn apart and put back together again so you can play it exactly like the 1998 original. Featuring the fixed camera perspective, tank controls, and even some visual changes to make items more readable. If you’ve been looking for a classic survival horror game experience and love RE2 as much as I do, this incredible mod is for you.

Coming from prolific Resident Evil modder ‘alphaZomega’, RE2R Classic may look simple on the surface, but a lot of major changes have gone into making the mod work seamlessly.

Resident Evil 2 fixed camera mod

The mod features over 1,700 fixed camera angles, allowing you to beat the game from start to finish without ever switching to the third-person perspective. While the ’90s game uses pre-rendered backgrounds, having RE2R in a 3D space means the mod can also ‘bend’ the camera. This makes it possible to show any zombies that are off-screen, and you can also enable an option to have the camera turn as you move.

The mod also uses classic tank controls, but you can heavily customize them if they’re not to your liking. There’s also an auto-aim option that snaps your gun to nearby enemies’ limbs. You can also get laser sights for every weapon and some in-game items now flash to make them more visible, with both of these changes made to make the experience more readable.

alphaZomega also offers some tips like making use of the quick-turn, experimenting with your preferred controls, and even some more general advice for players new to this style of play.

“Remember which camera angles face your enemy, and move strategically into to these cameras if you have space or back away until you find a different camera looking in their direction. Camera angles are often alternating in direction to allow you more opportunities to fight back.”

You find the mod, with precise installation instructions, right here.

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