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Modder is creating a first-person mode for the Resident Evil Remaster

Resi remake FPS

Chances are you’re excited about the release of Resident Evil 7, Capcom’s latest attempt at rejuvenating survival horror. They’ve tried before with mixed success: switching to an over-the-shoulder view, introducing co-op, and throwing multiple campaigns at us to see what sticks. The latest is probably the most bold, switching the viewpoint to first-person and telling a completely new story with a fresh protagonist. 

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The newest entry into the famous horror series takes players to a residence in the bayou. It’s a massive house filled with trinkets and strange contraptions, where you’re often forced to backtrack to make your way forward. It really evokes that classic Resident Evil feeling.

Still, some people might miss how obtuse the original game could be at times (dog whistle, anyone?), or yearn for the days of Barry Burton – understandably so, Barry is a top lad. Lucky for you, someone’s been beavering away creating a first-person mode for the Resident Evil Remaster.

There’s no word on whether it will be released as a mod, but we can always hope. The creator has managed so far to get the opening moments working, with even the cutscenes viewable through Jill Valentine’s (and not Claire Redifield’s) eyes. See the intro section above, while just below is some proper gameplay.