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More Resident Evil 4 DLC could be coming after Separate Ways

Resident Evil 4 DLC may not end with the Ada Wong-helmed Separate Ways, as the RE4 Remake Steam backend offers a clue to the future of Capcom’s survival horror.

Resident Evil 4 DLC: A man with long hair, Luis Sera from Capcom survival horror game RE4 Remake

There could be some more Resident Evil 4 DLC coming after Separate Ways, at least according to a little detail hidden in the RE4 Remake Steam backend. With Ada Wong finally back in Resident Evil 4 for a full campaign mode, and The Mercenaries also available for free, if we compare to the original Resident Evil 4, that only leaves Assignment Ada absent from RE4 Remake. But whether this is the missing chunk of DLC from Capcom’s superlative survival shooter remains to be seen.

Resident Evil 4 is big. It’s varied. It’s what we might call ‘content rich.’ From the main Leon Kennedy campaign to the arcade-style Mercenaries mode and now Separate Ways with Ada, plus all the unlockables, challenges, and difficulties (Professional, no new game plus, is still killing me), this is one of the biggest entries in the Capcom survival horror game series. But there might still be more to come. A little dig through Resident Evil 4 on Steam suggests the possibility of more DLC.

Resident Evil 4 DLC: A clip from the Resident Evil 4 Steam backend showing the potential of more RE4 DLC after Separate Ways

See that? It doesn’t look like much, but that is an empty depot in the Resident Evil 4 Steam backend for an “unknown” DLC – basically, a space reserved for some update in the future, though without any details as to what. And it’s not small either. The size of the unknown DLC is listed as 11.40 GB, marginally bigger than the full Separate Ways DLC, at 11.33 GB.

At face value, it seems to hint at an upcoming Resident Evil 4 DLC that’s even bigger than Separate Ways. Is it Assignment Ada? Is it more Mercenaries stuff?

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Maybe it’s the VR mode, which so far is a PS5 exclusive, but could come to PC. Or maybe – and this is me letting speculation and hype take control for a second – it’s another Separate Ways-style extra campaign but this time focusing on Luis. That would be fantastic. Then again, maybe it’s just some Steam formality that doesn’t actually mean anything whatsoever. We’ll have to see.

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