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Resident Evil 4 HD mod project brings its texture magic to Salazar’s castle

Resident Evil 4 HD Project

You can buy Resident Evil 4 HD on Steam if you fancy, but for some people its HD just won’t be HD enough. If you’re among such high definition worshippers, you’ll want to see the work that The Resident Evil 4 HD Project is doing on Leon Kennedy’s second adventure. The ambitious mod is revamping the entirety of RE4, and their most recent work is a sharpening up of Salazar’s castle. 

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The mod is gradually working through all of the game’s areas, and has already spruced up the opening village areas with its graveyards and church. Now work has moved onto Salazar’s castle, which is a far more decadent locale. You can see the huge efforts that are being made in the video above.

The work being done can’t be underestimated; this is a huge project. Just look how smeared, 2D textures like hedges turn into heavily detailed, individual leaves with shadow work. There’s more to the mod than refreshed textures, though. “The developers note that they even tracked down some of the original machinery and source photographs of Spanish buildings that Capcom first used in the creation of Resident Evil 4—and new photographs were used as the bases for the HD overhaul,” says the project’s ModDB page.

The mod is designed for use with the Ultimate HD version of RE4, and you can download the in-progress version right now. Check out the mod’s website to get started.

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