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Resident Evil 7’s final two DLC packs are coming in December, along with a Gold Edition

resident evil 7 not a hero

Capcom have announced Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition for release on December 12, which will bundle the spooky horror sequel with all its DLC, including two new pieces of content. The base game, Banned Footage Vol. 1, Banned Footage Vol. 2, Not a Hero, and the newly-titled End of Zoe story content will all be a part of the package.

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End of Zoe will feature new monsters and a new swampy area to explore, alongside what we can only assume will be the final chapter for Zoe. No spoilers here, but a certain choice in the main story could leave Zoe in a far different state at the start of this content, so it’ll be interesting to see how that’s addressed. End of Zoe will also be available for season pass owners on the same date, or a separate purchase of £11.99 / €14.99 / $14.99.

Not a Hero is a bit of story DLC teased at the end of the main game for a spring release, which has come and gone with a very apologetic delay from Capcom. That content, which features original Resident Evil leading man Chris Redfield, will also be available for free to owners of the original RE7, along with the release of everything else.

RE7’s attic sequence still crawls up the back of my mind when I’m wandering down a dark hallway, so I’m simultaneously excited about and dreading the opportunity to revisit those sloven shacks. The previous bits of DLC have had some quality scares, so hopefully a more substantial pair of story add-ons will follow suit.