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Smell-o-vision returns with this special Resident Evil 7 scented candle

Resi 7 4D Candle

Besides the Nosulus Rift, which only works to emulate the pungent odour of Cartman’s farts, smell-o-vision is something that has passed the VR revolution by. Well, Capcom are trying to change that with this limited edition scented candle, which is meant to be used while playing Resident Evil 7.

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Named the ‘Wood, Sweat and Tears 4D VR Candle’, this oddity is meant to simulate the smell of the Baker household. If you’ve ever wanted your house to smell of rotting flesh, swamp gas and mouldy wood, then look no further. The scent is supposed to last for 18-20 hours, meaning you’ll still be swanning around the smell of dried blood well after you’ve finished your play session of Resident Evil 7.

According to the Merchoid website, the 18-20 hour shelf life should be more than enough time to beat the whole of Resident Evil 7, meaning you’ll not have to put up with the stench for too long. I’d recommend opening a window after each session and possibly hiding it before Valentine’s Day. You don’t want your romantic dinner date interrupted by the smell of decaying flesh.

If you are wanting the full VR Resi experience, this candle will set you back a sizeable $18.99/£14.99, which is a bit too much to spend on a cheap gag. However, if you’re really into horror experiences and/or the delicate aroma of sweat, this candle is what you’ve been waiting for. Candles will ship out on January 20, just in time for it to arrive along with Resident Evil 7 on January 24.

Thanks, The Verge.