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Boyband haircuts, one-legged wetsuits, and more: the worst Resident Evil fashion crimes

Worst Resident Evil fashion crimes

Resident Evil is a series good at several things. Creepy monsters, secret experiments, and camp melodrama are three prime examples of Resi at its finest. But it is a series with several lows, too. Capcom have never particularly done well in the wardrobe departments of any of its characters. We decided to play fashion police and point out the ten worst offenders. 

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From hairstyles to accessories, dresses to tactical gear, the members of STARS have never really had their aesthetic on point. How some of these characters looked in the mirror in the morning and say “Hey, lookin’ good!” to themselves, we’ll never know. But that does mean there’s plenty of dress disasters to poke fun at in today’s video. Just click play on the box above to get judgemental.

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