Resident Evil 7 gives fans the finger in Capcom’s latest teasing update

Resident Evil 7 finger

Have you been stressing out over what a mannequin’s finger is for in the latest Resident Evil 7 demo? Yeah, you and 2 million other people who have downloaded it, apparently.

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In an update sent out to fans today, Capcom revealed that 2 million people have downloaded the demo as well as a teaser for one of the game’s more perplexing inventory items.

While people have been wandering around a spooky cabin trying to obviously not be in a spooky cabin anymore, they’ve amassed whatever the horror game deems useful for you to pick up.

In classic adventure game fashion, this has meant an assortment of unlikely things are being employed in order to bypass locks and other hindrances, but no-one has yet discovered what a mannequin’s finger is for, or even escape the house.

In the email, Capcom sent a picture of the finger on a table, saying “About a certain “finger”…. The path for now is closed, but patience…”.

It’s been out for two weeks and some have spent nearly every day trying to uncover the mysteries around the demo. Even master of misdirection and utter nonsense, Hideo Kojima, had his esoteric teaser demo cracked within 24 hours.

The path being closed and asking for patience seems to suggest Capcom are going to patch in a solution at a later date, which when you consider the frustrating evolution of adventure games, and that the game gives a literal finger to players, is just the perfect metaphor.

Anyway, the game itself is out on January 24 next year, so if it’s not solved by then Capcom are going to lose a lot more than fingers. (Money. They’ll lose money. This isn’t a threat.)