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Grid-style inventory management and manual saves return in Resident Evil 7 via video teases

Resident Evil 7 inventory

Update October 18, 2016: Capcom have released another short tease for Resident Evil VII, this time showing off the game’s manual save system. 

Only Resident Evil would get away with highlighting a manual save system and showing it off in a video as a selling point. The video embedded above was literally made to tease the game’s iconic save room, albeit slightly modernised – there’s no typewriter here – and missing the soothing music we all associate with our Resident Evil safe space. 

Maybe we’ll need to update our list of the best zombie games.

There’s also this video to show off what you can do with a knife, which is apparently opening boxes, not stabbing zombies. Please show us some combat soon, Capcom. Please.

Original Story October 17, 2016: It is time to get excited about an inventory system, everyone.

It might seem like a mundane thing to be hyped for, but Resident Evil’s considered, grid-style item management forces you to play a certain way – to make every shot count, to fuss over every healing herb and to only carry what you need.

Resident Evil VII might be leaving the third-person perspective behind, but it looks like it still remembers what a Resident Evil game should look like.

The teaser above might be short and sweet, but it tells us two things: item management is back, baby, and you’ll be using that shotgun to remove undead heads. That’s all we needed to know, really.

There’s also this little plot teaser:

Hopefully the next video we see reveals combat, as we still have no idea how that looks from the new perspective. The PS4 demo was entirely combat-free, instead riffing off the PT Silent Hills demo, placing players in a cramped ghost train, of sorts.

Resident Evil VII is planned for release on January 24, 2017, so expect to see more soon.