Resident Evil 7 data mining reveals full plot details and DLC plans

Resident Evil 7

Update: If you were thinking of heading to any of those links to look at the data mining for Resident Evil VII, we thought it only right to warn you that things have progressed significantly.

The data mining efforts have now revealed every major beat across each chapter of the game, so only click the links provided in the original story if you don’t mind stumbling across those.

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Additionally, we now know Capcom’s DLC plans for the survival horror title. I’m going to tell you them now, so just look away if you class upcoming DLC plans as a spoiler.

DLC 1 is a puzzle-focused gameplay chapter that has players answering riddles. It’s likely to be combat-free. DLC 2 is seemingly some kind of card game that you can play to earn rewards. DLC 3 is wave-based survival because of course it is. And finally, DLC 4 will be a new story chapter with multiple endings.

Original Story: People have been digging into the PC demo of Resident Evil VII to see if they can get any hints at what’s in store when the full game releases towards the end of January. They’ve uncovered quite the horde, and they’re not even done yet.

You are now at the point of no return, as we’re going to talk about the results of the data mining, which seem to spoil locations, chapters, story details, weapons and bosses. If you want to go in fresh, go read another story on the site. Maybe click that link to our zombie games feature.

Spoilers follow…

The data mining has just uncovered a bunch of phrases and words, so we can only interpret what they mean. Some of it is pretty obvious, like this list of weapons: chainsaw, scissors, knife, shotgun, handgun, grenade launcher, burner, candle, lighter, timebomb, liquidbomb, stimulant and serum. Some if it is not so obvious, like “SCREAM_FINGER_CUT_DEATH”.

Elsewhere, there’s mention to a ‘shadow puzzle’, there’s an enemy called a ‘swagger’ – hopefully there are really stylish monstrosities – and there are references to three types of molded: slow molded, quick molded and fat molded. Those are clearly variants of that gloopy, inky monster from the demo, which is likely the slow version.

There are some pretty major spoilers for story points too. For example, it seems like we’ll be making a choice towards the end. ‘Choose Mia’ and ‘ChooseZoe’ suggest so. There are also references to multiple endings: ‘DaughtersBadEnding’ and ‘DaughtersTrueEnding’.

Now comes the big news. Old Albert Wesker might be back. I know! It doesn’t seem possible after that volcano incident, but here we are. He’s either back, or his genetics have been spliced with someone, or it’s a red herring. Either way, there are multiple references to an Albert in the files.

Here they all are: HandGun_Albert_Reward, Shotgun_Albert, WeaponHandgunAlbertAppend, LastBossFinishGetGun, LastBossGetAlbert, AlbertInteract, AlbertGet, AlbertWeapon, AlbertDamageCount and isDamagedByAlbert.

Well, that was unexpected. If you want to see everything that’s been uncovered so far, NeoGAF have a good list, via Reddit.

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