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Resident Evil’s OG Chris Redfield returns to games after 27 years

Resident Evil 1 actor and original Chris Redfield Charlie Kraslavsky is returning to games for the first time since his role in the Capcom survival horror.

Resident Evil Chris Redfield: A man with dark hair, Chris Redfield in Capcom horror game Resident Evil

Resident Evil has seen a lot of Chris Redfields over the years. We begin with the blocky, bulky RE1 Chris of “Wesker, you’re pitiful!” fame. In the Resident Evil Remake and Code Veronica, Chris was a little more slender and believable, before bulking up big time for RE5 and RE6, and turning into a threatening, almost Mr. X-style man mountain for Resident Evil 7 and Village. For my money, though, having lived and breathed Resident Evil since 1996, there is only one true Chris Redfield, and that’s his original live-action performer Charlie Kraslavsky. Now, 27 years after his defining role in the Capcom survival horror game, Kraslavsky returns to our PCs in the upcoming RE homage Daymare 1994.

The square jaw, the steely stare, the beautiful dubbing of “No! Don’t go!” Kraslavsky is literally the first person we ever see in the whole Resident Evil series, thanks to that wonderful pre-main menu scene where he’s attacked in one of the mansion corridors.

Emerging back into the gaming scene over the past few years, where he’s taken part in regular interviews about the first RE, and also participated in livestreams and panels with the original actors behind Albert Wesker and Barry Burton, Kraslavsky is now set to star in his first videogame since Resident Evil.

Daymare 1994 is the upcoming prequel to Daymare 1998, the third-person survival horror which – funnily enough – began life as a fan-made remake of Resident Evil 2 (strange how things come full circle). Kraslavsky confirms he’s doing voice work for the horror game, which launches Tuesday, August 29.

Kraslavsky is also set to star in the fan-made film ‘The Keeper’s Diary.’ Remember the famous “itchy, tasty” memo that you find on the first floor of the mansion? This is the story of the author, how they got infected, and their slow transformation into a zombie. Elsewhere, the Resident Evil community pays loving homage to the RE4 attaché case, with a new sequel to the inventory management game Save Room.

If hanging out with the original Chris Redfield has your nostalgia flowing, try some of the best old games that you can still run on PC. Alternatively, try some great Resident Evil-likes with the best survival games available now.

Image courtesy of ‘Upscale’ on YouTube.