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We basically just got a new Resident Evil game, set in medieval times

A new Resident Evil experience, created via the engine for the original RE2, takes Capcom’s classic survival horror back to the Middle Ages.

New Resident Evil game mod: Leon Kennedy from Capcom survival horror game Resident Evil 2

Whether it’s Resident Evil 9, a remake of Code Veronica, or something else entirely, you can be certain that a new RE game is on its way in the not-too-distant future. The RE4 remake and Separate Ways teased a possible coming direction for Capcom’s beloved survival horror. Likewise, we’re waiting to see more from Chris Redfield and the Winters dynasty in a potential RE9. In the meantime, however, one of the most talented and dedicated Resident Evil modders in the world brings us another custom-built reimagining of the fixed-camera classics. Based on the original RE2, and available to play right now, this is Resident Medieval – imagine the classic version of Leon Kennedy, but wearing a full suit or armor and killing zombies with a sword.

Between the over-the-shoulder action of RE4, and the first-person reinvention of RE7, Resident Evil has changed a lot over the years. Nevertheless, Capcom’s genre-defining survival horror game remains synonymous with 2D backgrounds, tank controls, and fixed camera angles. If you miss the old days of RE, Aydan Watkins, a supremely dedicated developer and modder, produces some of the best Resident Evil fan games in the world. Earlier this year, Watkins delivered Resident Evil Containment, a lore-friendly companion to RE1. Now, Watkins upends the formula for an ambitious new project.

Resident Medieval (how good of a title is that?) casts you as an anonymous knight trapped in a fetid, underground dungeon. Zombies moan from behind the doors of their cells. Torches, banners, and escutcheons belonging to a mysterious – and rather familiar-sounding – ‘Lord Spencer’ hang from the walls. Take a look:

YouTube Thumbnail

Gain experience. Unlock spells. There are even some hand-drawn cutscenes. Resident Medieval is still in the early stages right now, but you can play the proof-of-concept section and try it for yourself. If you want a classic Resident Evil game, mixed with a little Dark Souls maybe, this is one for you.

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