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One of the greatest FPS games ever returns with a huge new VR port

Return to Castle Wolfenstein will soon be playable in virtual reality, thanks to an upcoming PCVR port by Team Beef that you can test now.

The protagonist of Return to Castle Wolfenstein (left), wearing a VR headset, prepares to turn the corner against two enemies (right)

It has been twenty-three years since Return to Castle Wolfenstein arrived on the scene and left its mark on multiplayer FPS game design forever. Prestigious as its online component is, its oft-underappreciated single player campaign remains a fantastic time and appears all the more so played with this transformative VR port.

While discussion of the best VR games often centres on native releases, there are countless classics worth exploring with readily available virtual reality mods. Case in point, the work being done to give Return to Castle Wolfenstein a new lease of life with PCVR.

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This VR port comes to us courtesy of Team Beef, a group of three modders that specialise in creating VR conversion ports and mods. You may be familiar with their work, as they have also brought other classic FPS games to virtual reality, such as Doom, Half-Life, and Quake.

Following on from their previous release of RTCWQuest, which only runs on the likes of the Meta Quest 3 and its predecessors, Team Beef is almost ready to bring Return to Castle Wolfenstein to other VR headsets.

In a post on X, Team Beef says its port is entering the “final stages” of development, with Return to Castle Wolfenstein VR now ready for final beta testing. You try can out the latest build for yourself, but you will need to subscribe to the Team Beef Patreon in order to access it.

Based on the RealRTCW source port, Team Beef’s PCVR port of Return to Castle Wolfenstein includes features you would expect from a virtual reality game. Namely, a proper VR weapons wheel but also niceties such as the ability to knock down enemies with your gun stock.

There is currently no word on when we can expect the final version of the port to emerge, but we should see B.J. Blazkowicz enter virtual reality before the year is out. In the meantime, check out our Pimax Crystal review to learn more about what the best VR headsets can do.