Return to Monkey Island brings back a classic adventure game location

The Return to Monkey Island devs reveal a bunch of new details about the adventure game, including the return of Melee Island and much of the classic cast

Melee Island's High Street in Return to Monkey Island

Return to Monkey Island will take us back to where the series started: Melee Island. The devs behind the classic adventure game revival have provided a few more details and screenshots, confirming the answers to a few lingering questions following the surprise reveal for the adventure game earlier this month.

Adventure Gamers asked Monkey Island creator Ron Gilbert and writer Dave Grossman, who are returning to collaborate on the new game, whether Melee Island was making a comeback based on the background of the official site. “Good detective work,” Grossman says. And, indeed, Melee Island’s High Street is shown in one of the new screenshots. (Gilbert adds that they might “wedge” Monkey Island itself in, too.)

Dominic Armato was previously confirmed to return as Guybrush Threepwood, and that was indeed Danny Delk’s voice bringing Murray to life in the trailer. We’ll also have Alexandra Boyd returning to voice Elaine, as she did in Curse of Monkey Island and Tales of Monkey Island. Earl Boen, the original voice of LeChuck, has retired, but Gilbert says Boen told the team to “recast the role, you have my full blessing to do that.”

While Return to Monkey Island will be a direct sequel to Monkey Island 2, there’s no intent to split the timeline. “We very purposefully don’t do anything to invalidate any of the canon that’s happened in those games,” Gilbert says. “We’re not saying any of those things didn’t happen, we don’t talk down to them at all. We embrace a lot of the things we liked in those games.”

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