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Returnal PC release hinted at by Steam localisation options

Emerging as one of 2021's most popular games Returnal is finally coming to PC via Steam, with new localisation updates implying release is relatively close

Returnal character Selene in space helmet with machines behind her

A series of Steam localisation updates have hinted that Returnal’s PC debut may be earlier than anticipated.

Etching itself into history as one of 2021’s most talked-about games, roguelike shooter, Returnal, thrusts players into a hostile outer space universe and challenges them with tearing hordes of alien horrors asunder in a valiant fight for survival.

Death is not the end in Housemarque’s sci-fi masterpiece, just as 2021 wasn’t where Selene’s story ended. Players have been pushing for a PC port of the game since its release, with it remaining high up on PC players’ wishlists across the globe.

While nothing is set in stone as of yet, players are desperate to get a hold of Returnal on Steam – now more than ever given the possibility that the Steam Deck could let you slay fiends at your fingertips. Luckily for die-hard fans, some changes in the game’s Steam localisation may herald an imminent PC port.

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Listed under the ominous name ‘Oregon,’ there’s been a whole slew of activity on the game’s supposed SteamDB page.

With the latest update being an hour before this piece was written on 12 July, new references are made to the infamous Tower of Sisyphus from the Ascension update, the world of Atrophos itself, and Helios, the ship that transports our protagonist into the heart of the title’s war-torn, decaying planet.

Thursday, 7 July saw also 19 new languages added for in-game achievements, appearing to add further proof that something is coming in the near future.

Following a GeForce Now database leak back in September 2021, Returnal was one of many games that were speculated to be coming to PC.

With numerous other PlayStation titles finally making the journey across to Steam, adding Returnal to the roster makes a lot of sense – after all, it went gold in its first year and sold a mammoth amount of copies.

Avid fans had best keep a weather eye on the horizon; there’s hope within the darkness after all.