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Win a copy of tabletop-style dungeon crawler Rezrog! We have 100 Steam keys up for grabs


If you’re into tabletop dungeon crawlers but find that it’s too difficult to gather your friends for a decent game, listen up. With its tabletop aesthetic, Rezrog aims to supply the tactile satisfaction of moving a card character around a grid-based environment, all without having to leave your computer.

The idea of the game is to take your party of adventurers into the darkest depths of the Earth and eliminate the wizards and monsters you find down there. The reason being that those scoundrels have harnessed the power of gems to turn the lands of Rezrog rotten. You’re there to restore peace.

While Rezrog is single-player only, it does have procedurally-generated dungeons so you can play endlessly without too much repetition. As to how it plays, it’s highly tactical and uses turn-based movement, so you’ll want to plan your battles carefully – conserving resources until the right moment and exploiting enemy weaknesses.

You’ll want to gear your party up with equipment, skills, and weapons as you progress. But be warned as Rezrog has permadeath – if an adventurer dies they’re gone forever, along with the loot they had on them. But something does carry over to the next generation of heroes: the gems you harvest can be turned into stat points to use next time.

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