The Rezzed game show: Peter Molyneux, back from the dead. Also DOTA 2 keys!


Peter Molyneux’s hardly been quiet since he left Microsoft earlier this year, but his latest venue for spouting about the wonders of his new Curiosity project is the PC games expo Rezzed. Rezzed is taking place next week, on the 6th and 7th of July, in Brighton, the south of England’s answer to Blackpool. That’s closer than an inappropriately close hug! So close!

Molyneux will be holding forth about 22 Cans and his Curiosity game /tchotke /project / social science petri dish. We’ve got more info on that over here.

Also at Rezzed are the Creative Assembly talking about the future of Total War (we’ve seen their future, it’s awesome), Gearbox showing off Borderlands 2, Introversion with Prison Architect, Arma II mod DayZ, Stainless Games with Carmageddon Reincarnation, and we’ll also see multiplayer FPS delight Natural Selection 2. On the sidelines, there’s parties, board games, mods, and the delightful seafront. And free DOTA 2 keys!
Tickets for Rezzed are available at