Complete your RGB gaming setup with up to 41% off select RGB products on Amazon

Looking for an RGB gaming mouse or an RGB gaming keyboard? Amazon's running so great discounts on RGB gaming products right now.

A RGB gaming setup, featuring a keyboard, mouse and mouse pad with RGB lighting.

Recently, gamers have really latched onto the idea of filling their gaming space with RGB lighting and it’s easy to see why. Just as a moth sees the beauty of the sun in a bulb, RGB lighting setups look absolutely gorgeous and they give an aura of enchanting mystery wherever they are used – and where else could that be more appropriate than in the place where you spend hours losing yourself in fantastical virtual realities? Whether you want to enhance your own gaming space or want to give somebody the gift of RGB light this Christmas, you’ll be happy to know that Amazon currently has up to 41% off some key RBG gaming products.

If you want to, you can have RGB lighting on everything in your game room, from your gaming keyboard to the walls. Then, once you’ve got them in place, you can synchronise the lighting effect, creating calming pulsing patterns or even have the lighting change in response to your actions or even in response to music. It’s a wonderful way to create a space specifically for de-stressing and having fun.

For your convenience, we’ve gathered together four of the best RGB discounts currently available on Amazon. We hope this helps you to nab a bargain and to potentially make your Christmas shopping just a little easier.

Here are the best RGB gaming setup offers:

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Razer Cynosa RGB keyboard

A keyboard designed specifically for gamers, not only does its RGB lighting look fantastic, but it boasts some pretty impressive specs. It’s spill-resistant design means you don’t have to worry about knocking over your bottle of Dandelion and Burdock while you play and it has also been designed with full programmable macro-functionality in mind. On top of that, it can execute up to 10 commands at the same time and it supports up to 80 million clicks during its life. If that sounds appealing, you’ll be pleased to hear that this keyboard is now 41% off.

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RGB flood lights

Already got an RGB gaming mouse, an RGB keyboard and everything else you need for your setup? Still want a little more RGB magic in the room? Well, these RGB flood lights are appropriate for indoor use and can add a bit of extra razzmatazz to your gaming room. They’re super easy to set up too, barely an inconvenience, you just have to scan the QR code that comes with them and you’re good to go. Right now, these lights are available at 30% off.

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RGB gaming mouse

This sleek-looking RGB gaming mouse offers many of the perks that you’d hope to get from a gaming mouse. It’s ergonomically designed so that your hands won’t feel uncomfortable in long gaming sessions. It’s ultra-flexible cable is so light that it feels similar to using a wireless gaming mouse (without having to worry about the batteries) and you can customise its six buttons with macros. If this sounds like the right mouse for you (or a friend), you can nab it at 35% off.

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RGB Gaming Microphone

Are you trying to get started on the streaming scene? Do you need to be able to clearly communicate with your friends because you play games like Halo Infinite together? Well then, it sounds like you could do with a gaming microphone. Not only does this model come with flashy RGB lighting customisation, but it also features professional audio processing chips to make sure your viewers, or your teammates, can clearly understand everything you say. With a simple plug and play design, you could be using it in no time. It’s multi-purpose too: during the day do you work remotely as the procurement manager at a funeral parlour? Use the microphone for your work calls during the day and for gaming during the night. Get it today at 30% off.

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