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Riders of Icarus’ new trailer highlights the classes instead of what’s under their asses

Riders of Icarus

Riders of Icarus might be an MMO all about mounting massive beasts and riding them into battle, but this new trailer focuses solely on the medieval jockeys themselves.

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In true RPG fashion, Riders of Icarus lets you choose between a selection of classes. The first of these is the Guardian, an axe-throwing, magic wielding, sword-swinging, armour wearing frontline assault build.

Then there’s the Priest, who uses presumably holy magic and waves his hands about a lot. Meanwhile, the Assassin covers her mouth so nobody can know her name – it’s actually UberGameDude396, but shhh. The Assassin uses dual daggers and agility to dazzle her opponent with speed.

Next we’re shown the Wizard, whose special ability seems to be not wearing many clothes at all and shouting really loudly at the baddies. Last up, the Berserker swings a two-handed sword in a spiral of death while clad in black armour.

The trailer closes with some flashes of huge battles with goliaths, brisk chases, group flights and more. Check it out below: