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Riders of Icarus ‘Rift of the Damned’ update adds new mounts and floating sky islands today

Riders of Icarus Rift of the Damned

Beast riders, rejoice! Today Riders of Icarus got a big update that adds a completely new area filled with mysterious floating isles, fresh mounts and an increased level cap.

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Suspended in the clouds, the new zone – called the Rift of the Damned – is only available for players who are level 35 and above. I say above, because you’ll now be able to push your character right up to the new level cap of 40.

With the new area hanging in the sky, it’s a prime location for mounted aerial combat. You’ll want to get your hands on one of the new warped ‘Void’ mounts to remain competitive, then. Not that you wouldn’t want to get hold of them anyway. I mean, look at this lad:

Riders of Icarus Rift of the Damned

“The Rift of the Damned is one of our most unique content updates yet,” said Hoon Seok, producer of Riders of Icarus.

“The otherworldly lore behind this area allowed us to make some very different design choices regarding the environment and mounts, many of which were inspired by player feedback. We look forward to learning what our community thinks of the new zone and everything within it, and hope the content will entice new players to join the adventure as well.”

You can jump into Riders of Icarus for free right now.