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Rift 1.9: Conquest goes live, introduces three-way faction warfare


Trion have announced that the 1.9 update for Rift is now live. This introduces the new Conquest mode, as well as mentoring, character re-customisation, a new sliver, new instant adventures and new world events.

The main face of the new Conquest mode is that it allows players to join to one of three factions in a new alternate version of Stillmoor. The new factions – the intolerant Dominion, utilitarian Oathsworn or the selfish Nightfall – fight for the usual nonsense reasons, but at least let you add more character to your Guardian or Defiant heroes. Even crafters can help, as they can refine the battlefield resources into upgrades and new perks.

On top of that, the update adds a new sliver to visit, Primeval Feast, where you battle the Fae Lord Twyl. Characters higher than level 45 can also join in new Instant Adventures in Freemarch, Silverwood, Gloamwood and Stonefield. For the lazier players, there are also the usual Summerfest scavenger hunts, which give out achievements and loot.
Mentoring has finally been introduced, allowing friends of different levels to play together easily, while still gaining significant levels of XP. You can also now visit Barbershops to tweak your character’s appearance.
Here’s the trailer.