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Rift expansion Storm Legion due to arrive this autumn


We guess that the Rift team at Trion Worlds don’t ever eat. It’s the only way of explaining how they can revolutionise their MMO with a three-way PvP patch at the same time as building a new expansion. Revealed today, the Storm Legion add-on includes two new continents more than triple the size of the existing world.

“Storm Legion is the next chapter in the Rift adventure, and takes players deeper than ever before”, says Scott Harsman, Rift’s executive producer. “The expansion offers players an incredible amount of content – new zones, huge overland boss fights featuring hundreds of players, and ‘Dimensions’ a feature akin to housing that lets players socialize with friends in their own customisable space.”
The story concerns Crucia, the Queen of Storms, who’s preparing to unleash her legion on the Ascended of Teara. As well as ensuring the Rift team don’t ever sleep ever again, the expansion will raise the level cap to 60 and add four more souls, seven dungeons, three raids and a Chronicle.