The stakes are raised, along with the level cap in RIFT’s new expansion, Starfall Prophecy

Rift Starfall Prophecy

A comet with one of those fantasy names that make you sound like you’re coughing something up is threatening the existence of Telara in a new DLC for RIFT. Five roomy new zones, two deep dungeons, a new level cap, and Fortress Sieges are among some of the activities on offer – enjoy them all under the threat of fiery apocalypse. 

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“Starfall Prophecy has been a labor of love for the entire RIFT team, and we’re excited to see how both new and existing players react to the new territories, battles and increased level cap,” said Chris Junior, executive producer on RIFT.

“Starfall Prophecy is a direct response to player feedback, giving RIFT’s large and passionate audience what they’ve been requesting by removing the MTX unlocks that typically went with past expansions, and delivering all the new content at a single price.”

That price is $39.99 for the standard edition, if you’re wondering. Head to the RIFT site to pick it up.

Here’s what you get for that beefy sum:

  • New Environments to Explore – As the Comet of Ahnket hurls through the skies towards Telara, players will be able to explore five massive new zones including the Tenebrean Schism, Xarth Mire, Ashenfell, Scatherran Forest and Gedlo Badlands, two new dungeons and one new raid. Participating in raids has never been easier with the new Looking for Raid system, and the new individual rewards system ensures players always get the best items for their class.
  • New Ways to Build Your Character – Starfall Prophecy increases the player level cap to 70, adds a new crafting tier, and allows players to gain Legendary Powers, which build upon the game’s unique Soul system and offers even more customization options. New, special types of equipment called Eternal Items have also been added, and new Planar Fragments will allow players to further empower their gear.
  • Even Bigger Battles – For the first time, players can take part in Fortress Sieges, open-world battles that increase in complexity and size, spanning from solo battles, to groups, to even Raids. Players will also be able to jump into instant adventures whilst in the heart of a Rift through the new Rift Assault Adventures.

There’s a trailer embedded at the top of the page if you want an idea of what all that good stuff looks like.