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Rumour: Rift expansion incoming


PC Gamer have received a mysterious wooden box which – they think – hints at a forthcoming expansion for Rift. The box, marked with the words “A Storm Is Brewing” contains numerous esoterica which obliquely point to raised level caps and more raids.

In the box lurk a couple of posters depicting famous World War II and Civil War raids (two new raids!), a spirit level labelled 10 (level cap increase!), four shoe soles (four new “soul” classes!), a key marked “Port Tempest” (new capital or hub city!) and five glass prisms (new in-game items!). There was also a red cloak. You can never have too many cloaks of any colour.
One of Rift’s best features is the fact that developers Trion Worlds have kept the MMO constantly updated with new patches, with one coming out approximately every two months. A lack of updates has been the downfall of many an MMO, so it’s nice to see that Trion Worlds are trying to keep us happy.
Our only slight disappointment is that we didn’t receive a mysterious wooden box. We love mysterious wooden boxes. Send us more mysterious wooden boxes, game devs!