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RimWorld sells over a million copies

rimworld sales numbers

The end of development for space colony builder RimWorld is in sight, but there’s still a few more milestones for the game to hit before all is said and done. Such as, for example, going platinum.

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Creator Tynan Sylvester announced that the game’s sold over one million copies. “The original Kickstarter only sought 1,000 sales,” Sylvester says on the official blog, “and that seemed like a lot. This is… crazy.”

Sylvester offers a heartfelt thanks to the players, to his fellow developers, and to modders, video makers, and the whole community for spreading the word about RimWorld.

With all that success, things are winding down for RimWorld, at least in terms of active development. The next update is set to be the game’s last, wrapping up what’s already close to five years of development since the original Kickstarter.