Risk of Rain 2 is in development and it is making the jump from 2D to 3D

Risk of Rain 2

After working on a prototype in secret for the last six months, indie developer Hopoo Games have announced that they are currently developing a sequel to the brutal sci-fi roguelike, Risk of Rain. Risk of Rain 2 is moving on from the 2D sprite work of the original and coming into the world of 3D.

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In a post over the Hopoo Games blog, the team were keen to emphasise that Risk of Rain 2 is still “very very early development” and that anything they show off at this moment will not necessarily make it into the final game. However, Hopoo Games are committed to the jump to 3D, with the extra dimension allowing for “deeper design spaces and more possibilities for cool gameplay.” So far, the Risk of Rain formula is “even better in 3D” according to the team, due in part to it not crashing as often.

For those who did not play the original Risk of Rain, it was known for its wide array of creative item combinations, its brooding soundtrack and a unique approach to difficulty. Rather than choosing a difficulty option at the start of the game, Risk of Rain had a difficulty meter that would gradually increase as time went on. As such, players had the choice of either farming character upgrades in the earlier levels, or gunning straight for the final stages in the hope of completing a run before the meter got too high. It was a refreshing take on difficulty and when combined with three other players in online co-op, most campaigns would quickly devolve into frantic fun.

While not forthcoming on details in this first blog post, Hopoo Games promise that there will be future devblogs to discuss new features like “a unified character system, item proc chains” and much more.