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Ori (of the Blind Forest) cameos in fighting game Rivals of Aether

Ori Rivals of Aether

Ori, the fox-like guardian spirit who starred in the lovely 2D platformer about a Blind Forest, has been surprisingly active during E3. He was first seen bounding onstage for Microsoft’s conference, where Moon Studios announced Ori and the Will of the Wisps. And he’s cropped up again as a combatant in Rivals of Aether, the indie fighting game.

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You can watch Ori give some other animals a good thwacking in the new trailer above. In fact, there are two new characters in there, though it may not be immediately apparent: Ori, and the light and eyes of the Spirit Tree, Sein. Sein bobs about in Ori’s wake as a blue orb, giving support as a flame-charging battle companion.

Rivals of Aether you might not have heard of before – it’s a Smash Bros-style platform-fighting game about a war of the elements. Ori fits right in, since Aether’s own characters look sort of like lions and birds and bears, but aren’t quite. Animalist-ish.

Ori and Sein will come to Rivals of Aether in late summer, with four more DLC character expected in the autumn.