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This Steam platformer is a cyberpunk Jet Set Radio, and it’s rad

Blending the graffiti of Jet Set Radio with the platforming of Sonic the Hedgehog, the stunning RKGK finally has a Steam release date.

RKGK Steam release date: a young woman with pink hair and a smirk is jumping sideways

Every once in a while a game comes across my desk that I’m obsessed with. There are so many unique and creative releases on the way that it’s impossible to keep track of them all, but if you show me a vibrant cyberpunk setting with grind rails, my synapses go into overdrive. This is why I’m writing about the upcoming RKGK, as this gorgeous platformer that sees you bringing color back to a drab metropolis via graffiti just got a release date, and it’s coming out real soon.

RKGK is short for Rakugaki, a term used by Japanese artists that means ‘scribble’ or ‘doodle,’ but the debut release from Wabisabi Games is anything but. Channeling the graffiti mechanics of Jet Set Radio and the speed of Sonic the Hedgehog, you’ll dart around Cap City as Valah, trying to liberate your people from the mind-controlling B-Corp in this upcoming platform game. It’s a simple premise, but one expertly carried by the visuals and tone.

You’ll chain jumps, dashes, glides, and grind rails together like you’re blitzing Sonic Adventure 2, and then use these skills to find the fastest routes, hidden paths, and even some secrets only reserved for those of us who master the mechanics. If you’ve been replaying SA2’s City Escape for the last two decades and trying to get to the goal ring in under a minute, as I have, then RKGK is for you.

That platforming then combines with Valah’s combat, too, as while you’ll use your knowledge of the movement to dodge enemies, you still need to hit them back. Valah has a whole suite of paint abilities, like dual spray cans that act as boosters at your disposal for combat, so every encounter will be brash, bold, and beautiful in its own way. There are bullet hell bosses, giant robots, and a slew of other enemies you’ll need to use your graffiti skills to conquer, so you’d better get practicing. You can see some of Valah’s abilities in the brand-new gameplay trailer below.

YouTube Thumbnail

Much like how you can choose how to paint the town in Jet Set Radio, RKGK features a wide array of graffiti tags for you to equip between levels – so Cap City can look exactly how you want it to. There are also plenty of character skins and paint choices to make too, bringing even more personality to how you play.

I’ve never seen anything quite like RKGK, and that’s why I already like it so much. The graffiti theme is used against the colorless concrete jungle skyline to breathe so much life into the game, handing over control to you as you bring beauty back to the levels. Everything about the gameplay feels easy to learn but hard to master, which as a Sonic fan really speaks to how I love replaying levels to not only get the best score, but to look great while doing it.

RKGK is coming to PC via Steam on Wednesday May 22, you can wishlist the game right here.

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