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Roblox responds to autoban exploit, begins reinstating accounts

Roblox is implementing fixes for a chat moderation exploit that resulted in a wave of automatic bans, but the offenders say there’s more to come.

Roblox is working quickly to rectify a situation in which numerous accounts were wrongfully automatically banned due to a chat moderation exploit. In response to the wave of automatic bans, a Roblox representative issued the following statement to PCGamesN:

“Roblox is aware of the issue and is working to resolve it as soon as possible. In the meantime, we have deployed a patch to help limit the impact and are removing any experiences that contain malicious content in accordance with our Terms of Use. We encourage our community to use our Report Abuse tools to report behavior that falls below our Community Standards and, if someone believes we made a moderation error, we have an appeals process for your case to be reviewed.”

Roblox also banned the owner of Crosswinds [A.2], which appears to have been the first game to abuse the exploit and connected accounts, the RTC Twitter account reports. It also shared that rumors that the popular Roblox plugin Kohl’s Admin was compromised were untrue. However, while the official Kohl’s Admin appears safe, Kohl weighed in to share that malicious reuploads of the plugin from nonofficial sources are also circulating.

An individual claiming to be involved in the exploit abuse also issued a statement.

“For a while, DWC will operate in the dark, but we’ll be back. We are not disclosing any information related to any methods we have discovered. In my opinion, ROBLOX has to take note of this situation as a general wake-up call and as evidence of the amount of abusable flaws that their game has and how stupid and flawed their moderation is,” a Discord user named Syntax 64 said.

Roblox users impacted by the exploit should be able to get their accounts reinstated. To do so, go to and fill out the required fields. In the section ‘type of help category,’ choose ‘Moderation,’ and then select ‘Appeal Account or Content.’ Then, describe the circumstances that led to the ban. You can also reference KreekCraft’s step-by-step breakdown here. It appears that people who have used this method have had their accounts reinstated within 24 hours.

Roblox users can avoid exposing their accounts to the exploit by going to the ‘Privacy’ tab and changing the option under ‘Who can chat with me?’ to ‘No one.’

Players are also still advised to visit only trusted games for the time being.

While Robloxians should proceed cautiously, it appears the issue is coming under control. If you’re looking for a new game to try, check out our guide to the best Roblox games in 2022.