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Robocraft gets Clan Party update with new social features and a lifetime subscription option

Robocraft clan party

Robocraft’s getting its latest big expansion today. It’s improving the social backend of the game, letting players gather more easily in parties and join larger clan groups. This works as you expect, and is shipping alongside some other big changes.

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Here’s everything that’s included:

  • Clans. Up to 50 players gather as one to have avatars, a clan description and a private chat channel.
  • Partying up now free. The system for joining parties has been overhauled and is now available for up to five people without a premium membership.
  • Sprinter Legs. The latest community-voted tank part to be added to the game. They jump higher and move faster than normal mech legs.
  • Lifetime Premium. There is now a sort’ve ‘buy the game’ tier of purchase for the VIP membership option in the game that gives you lifetime access to its benefits. This is selling for $49.99 / £34.99 / €44.99.

That last is a deceptively large change for the game as it moves it slightly out of the standard free to play circles and into a more traditional funding model. More over on the official site.