Robocraft leaves Early Access next week, and you get free stuff to celebrate


After three years in Early Access, multiplayer robot battle sim Robocraft is ready to go from a version zero-point-something to a one-point-something: it gets its full release on Thursday, August 24.

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To celebrate, developers Freejam are giving away a ton of loot. All players will get limited edition cosmetics and a haul of loot boxes, with the oldest accounts getting the best stuff.

The rewards will launch alongside the 1.0 update, which will add new animated cosmetics, 20% larger maps, a new gun called the rail impaler (sounds gnarly), some quality-of-life improvements to the community robot factory (where you can browse and sell robot designs for in-game currency), and plenty more.

“Robocraft attracted a cult following as soon as we joined Steam, and the game has changed a lot over the years,” Freejam CEO and game director, Mark Simmons, says. “Our fans have been consistently awesome throughout Robocraft’s continued evolution and we want to thank them for their passion and support as we officially launch our first game as a studio.”

Robocraft is free-to-play (though there’s over £90 worth of DLC if you’re enjoying yourself), and allows you to scratch both your creative and destructive instincts as you design the perfect giant death robot, then unleash it on other players.

To join the party that’s been three years in the making, head over to itsSteam page.