Robocraft’s Enter the Shredzone update adds build options and a new single-player mode


Free-to-play robot builder and battler Robocraft just got its tenth free update, adding new weapons, a step-by-step tutorial, an upgraded single-player, extra build options, balance tweaks, bug fixes and more. 

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I’ve never played Robocraft, but it looks like a bunch of fun. It’s kinda like a Besiege where you build futuristic, weaponised vehicles in funny shapes and then batter people online with them.

With over nine-million players since it launched in Early Access on Steam a year ago this month, it’s proven to be quite popular too.

Just in case you don’t know what it’s all about, here’s a swanky new trailer:

The Enter the Shredzone update is live now and here’s what it contains in full:

  • New legendary weapon – Chain Shredder: This minigun-esque weapon can shred enemies in a heartbeat once spun up to full fire-rate and is versatile enough to be used by both flying robots and those anchored to the ground.
  • New legendary weapon – EMP: Shock and drop enemies with this high skill module which allows players to call down a huge column of electromagnetic pulse energy from an orbiting mothership. When successfully aimed, this attack will deactivate any enemies unfortunate enough to be caught in its radius for several seconds allowing for a quick and easy kill.
  • Step-by-step tutorial: For the first time in Robocraft history, players will be greeted with a detailed hands-on tutorial when they first log-in or access the main menu. This short step-by-step guide introduces the basics of character movement, how to place blocks in Edit mode, inventory management and the nuance of combat.
  • Enhanced single-player and better AI: Robocraft’s existing single-player mode has been overhauled and now faithfully emulates the game’s five-v-five Team Deathmatch game mode. However, rather than facing other humans online, players are placed on a team with AI teammates to fight against enemy bots and earn Salvage Crates and experience based on their performance.

The full launch of Robocraft is coming later this year.