Rock Band VR brings awesome shredding to Oculus Rift

Rock Band VR

The key thing with VR is making you feel like you’re really there, and what bigger fantasy is there than being on stage at a stadium gig playing an absurd rock song to an audience of thousands? That’s what Rock Band VR is all about, and it’s something currently under development at Harmonix and Oculus.

Details can barely be considered slim, but the video above shows off Palmer Luckey and guys from Oculus and Rock Band developer Harmonix being taught the ways of the rock star by DragonForce, those crazy people responsible for Rock Band’s most challenging track: Through the Fire and Flames. The video is equal parts embarrassing and hilarious, featuring woeful acting, atrocious punchlines, and stage frolics. There’s also a precious few seconds of Rock Band VR gameplay footage, that looks to be taking inspiration from Guitar Hero Live’s first-person camera.

Rock Band has never made it to PC, but with Oculus being a PC VR set-up, we can pass an educated guess that we’ll finally be able to plug in a plastic Fender to our PC and get involved.

Rock Band VR is due 2016.