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Rocket League will get cross-platform party support later this year

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Rocket League developers Psyonix have confirmed they are working on cross-platform party support and hope to make the feature available in 2018.

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This news comes after a Twitter user asked Rocket League Help, the official support account for Rocket League, whether Psyonix is currently working on a cross-platform party system, and if so, what the possible release date could be.

In response, the support account wrote, “We’re actively working on cross-platform party support for a 2018 release.”

Currently, it is not possible to create a fully mixed-platform party in Rocket League. Voice chat only allows players to communicate with those on the same platform, and those who wish to play with friends on different platforms can only do so through private matches, which require invites.

Cross-platform party support will allow players to create parties and play with those on other platforms, but there’s still no word as to whether Sony will play ball.