Rocket League dev calls server issues “totally unacceptable”


Though Rocket League is ridiculously popular and generally well-liked by its community, it doesn’t come without its own set of issues, such as long waits for matchmaking and various server problems. Now, the CEO of developer Psyonix has come forward with his response to fans’ complaints regarding the situation. 

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CEO Dave Hagewood apologized to players in a blog post on the official Rocket League site today for the “quality of online play.” He went on to say that he as well as the company agrees that “recent lengthy matchmaking times are totally unacceptable.” Later in the post he added that the company is “focusing all of [our] available resources on addressing PsyNet’s capabilities and performance, and the quality of [our] game servers.”

He explained that part of the issues stem from just how popular Rocket League has been and continues to be, with the number of active players having jumped from 40 percent when compared to 2016 and the first few months of 2017. In response, the company is “racing” to fill jobs to try and keep up with the demand placed on its Online Services team, tasked with handling the company’s backend systems. They have also worked to implement several fixes to resolve some of the current issues that have plagued users.

It will certainly take a bit of doing to get everything up to snuff, but Hagewood is aware of the current issues that keep players from fully enjoying Rocket League, including issues with hiccups with lag and other problems that don’t necessarily revolve around ping for players.

Head over to the official blog post on Rocket League’s site to check out more from Hagewood.

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