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Rocket League patch will end season one with rewards in February

Rocket League update

An update is headed Rocket League’s way at some point in February that’ll draw an end to its first competitive season. If you were skilled/lucky enough to have reached the Bronze Division or higher in the Ranked Play ladder, you’ll be treated to some rewards for your efforts.

Rocket League netted a place on our list of best PC games.

In Psyonix’s first update of 2016, community specialist Josh Watson explains that “Limited Edition Crowns” that come in bronze, silver, gold and platinum variations make up the rewards. Equippable as Toppers for your car, the rewards are also based on your division ranking come the end of season one.

“For example, if a player was ‘Silver II’ in 1v1 and ‘Gold I’ in 2v2,” reads the update. “The delivered Crown would be Gold.”

The incoming patch will also bring with it the introduction of “Item Qualities”, where items will be tagged and identified by colour. A colour-coding system will label items in reference to rarity and amount of use as they appear in your garage. Common items – stock items – will be marked grey; premium items – those acquired from DLC – will be marked green; and limited items – those acquired in “season or limited time promotional events, like Halloween” – will be marked orange. Items uncovered after completing online-only bouts – otherwise identified as “Uncommon Items” – will also be marked light blue.

Rocket League is a game that can become really quite addictive really quite quickly which, if you’ve played before, I’m sure you understand all too well. The new Uncommon Item variety plays to this quirk in that their drop rates won’t have a fixed percentage and will instead drop more often, the more often you play. For me, sounds great/ really quite dangerous. I’ve not long emerged from the Rocket League rabbit hole I found myself camped in towards the end of last year.