You’ll be keeping your rank in Rocket League season 5 to avoid “the chaos of a skill reset”

Rocket League

Ever felt like the regular rank resets in Rocket League impact negatively on the quality of the matches you get? Looks like Psyonix agree, and that’s why you’ll keep your current rank when season 5 starts in a few days. 

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Psyonix feel like the resets cause instability and chaos, saying “match quality can be poor for several weeks after a season ends as players recalibrate to their actual skill ranking.” Especially with seasons happening more frequently, those weeks of poor games can really hurt.

Season rewards are also changing – instead of just giving you a reward based on where you end up in a season, Season Reward Levels will dictate what you get. Every 20 wins, you’ll move up a reward level – starting at unranked, moving to bronze, silver, and so on. You also can’t earn rewards above your rank – a silver player can only get up to a silver Season Reward Level. This means that on top of having to play well, you’ll have to play a considerable amount to get the higher tier rewards in season 5.

These rewards will be awarded at the end of the season, but Psyonix plan on giving them out as soon as you reach the required level in the future.

Season 5 starts on July 4th, and is meant to last “3 to 4 months,” with no official end date yet. As there’s no reset, you’ll be able to jump back into competitive modes without having to do placement matches again. You can check out the full post detailing all of these changesright here.