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Rocket League’s new cosmetics are an 80s neon dream brought to life

rocket league velocity crates

Rocket League will be getting an 80s-themed neon explosion with the addition of Velocity Crates next week, bringing some particularly wild new cosmetics to your supersonic acrobatic rocket-powered battle-cars. And dragons.

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Velocity Crates make their debut December 4, and the additions are headlined by the new Imperator DT5, with neon wheels and a flashy pink paintjob perfect for reliving your favorite oversaturated sci-fi dreams. There are also six new decals and engine audio to use across your garage.

In addition to that, you can also get hold of some new wheels and a very fancy goal explosion featuring a dragon – a neon dragon, naturally – bursting forth.

Microtransactions hit Rocket League last year with a crate and key system similar to the one used in many free-to-play games. Yeah, loot boxes – but Rocket League does keep them limited to cosmetics. And in fairness, that Imperator does look really cool.