Rocksmith 2014 will import all the songs and DLC from the first game


Rocksmith 2014 uses the same cable to run your guitar into your computer as the original game. It would have been a right pain if not and an added cost that would have put me off upgrading till I saw it on sale. You may be the same.

Mike Madavi, the game’s community developer,  answered a load of questions from fans about the game and posted them all in a video. Quite a few details come out of it.

Glad to hear Ubisoft are putting together another bundle. The first game could be bought packaged with an Epiphone Les Paul Junior guitar. It’s a pretty basic guitar but does a grand job if it’s your first instrument. Madavi was keeping quiet about the details of the bundle which suggests it will be a different guitar from the last. He did say it would be right-handed only and there wouldn’t be a bass guitar equivalent like there was with the first game.

A massively useful feature of the new game is that the tracks and DLC from the first game can be transferred to the second. This is more a boon for console players who would otherwise have to switch disks – with Steam we can more easily switch games – but it’s still a timesaver.

I picked up Rocksmith in the Steam sale last month but still haven’t picked up a Real Tone cable for the game. I’m very much looking forward to seeing how effective a practice/teaching tool Rocksmith is. I’m shit at guitar and if this can help it would make for a great game to recommend.

Cheers, Polygon.