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Free Steam keys: Win one of 50 codes for voxel-world fantasy shooter Rogue Islands!

Rogue Islands

The procedurally-generated voxel world of Rogue Islands may look like another riff on Minecraft, but that’s where the comparison stops. This isn’t a sandbox game about digging dirt and running away from hissing green men that blow up. Rogue Islands is a fast-paced first-person shooter, the bullets replaced by magic, and with demon hordes to vanquish.

Alright, so you do have to collect some resources, but they’re not used to build a small hut by a lake. Instead, you’re out to harvest the world in order to enhance the power of your spells. You’ll need to in order to smash your way through the skeletons, shamans, and Hell-bats in your way as you levitate towards the Lords of Torment.

Rogue Islands is the work of Kiaran Ritchie, lead animator at BioWare, and Jane Whittaker, award-winning programmer on over 100 games including Alien vs. Predator and GoldenEye 007. It’s being published by Whittaker’s newish company Keystone Games, who aim to give most of their profits to seriously ill and disabled children.

All that info should be enough to make you wanna buy the game, huh? But if you need more then it’s worth reading Whittaker’s article on the beauty of Rogue Islands. Still don’t wanna put your cash towards it? Ok, ok, we’re giving away 50 Steam keys for the game so you can check it out, but make sure you spread the word and get your friends to buy it if you win, yeah?

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