21 days to the Rogue Legacy 2 release date, roguelike fans

The Rogue Legacy 2 release date is set for April, bringing the long-awaited roguelike game out of Early Access after a year and a half

Rogue Legacy 2 release date: Standing near a large dragon in chains

The Rogue Legacy 2 release date has been confirmed for April. The roguelike game entered Early Access in 2020, and has been enjoying regular updates ever since with balance tweaks, new biomes, new hero types, and more. But if you’ve been holding out for the 1.0 release, you won’t have to wait much longer.

The devs at Cellar Door Games have confirmed the Rogue Legacy 2 release date is set for April 28, 2022. The game will go 1.0 on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store, and will be launching for the first time on Xbox One and Xbox Series X and S consoles. The Early Access version is priced at $24.99 / £21.99 / €21.99.

If you want to catch up in the few weeks ahead of Rogue Legacy 2’s official launch, the original Rogue Legacy is currently free-to-keep from the Epic store. The modern ubiquity of indie roguelike games owes a lot to the original game, and even as the sequel prepares to leave Early Access, the internet’s still having insufferable debates over the difference between ‘roguelikes’ and ‘roguelites’.

If you prefer your release date announcements with lavishly animated trailers, check out the video below.

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