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Mars isn’t as lonely thanks to ROKH’s new chat update

Rokh chat update

Building a new colony on Mars would be quite the difficult job, especially if you had no-one to talk to. Thankfully, the latest update to Martial survival simulator ROKH finally adds a chat function to the game, along with the ability to salvage crafted objects.

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Before this point, living on Mars was quite the isolating experience, as you couldn’t talk to any other colonists you found roaming the red planet. Luckily, this update allows you to chat with fellow Martians, either via a global or a private chat. It should now be easier to coordinate with building projects, as well as warning other players if a massive dust storm is about to kill them.

You can also salvage items with this update, by carefully smashing them to bits with a crowbar. The salvage process reverts constructed items back to their core components, meaning you can repurpose old materials for new building works like a hangar for your Mars rover. Workbenches can also be salvaged, meaning you can pick up the entire frame of a building and simply move it to a new area. To help new colonists out, everyone now spawns with a Hammer so they can get building straight away.

If there is a particular server you like playing on, ROKH now has a server browser so you can always make it back to your favourite version of the red planet. You can also use the Steam server list to find your way back to your Mars base, with ROKH automatically starting up and logging you in should you connect this way.

For the full list of changes, which includes a series of bug fixes and server stability improvements, check out ROKH’s official Steam page.