Minecraft meets The Martian in ROKH, out now in Early Access


Fancy a trip to Mars? Futuristic sci-fi survival game ROKH is now available on Steam in Early Access, and the new trailer reveals exciting elements of building and survival on the red planet.

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From some of the folks behind Assassin’s Creed and Age of Conan comes your chance to be a true martian – crafting, exploring and building your way to the colony you want to create. The game is co-op multiplayer, allowing players to work together in order to uncover the cause of demise for previous martian colonies.

In the trailer, you’re apparently alone and the world seems untameable. Create a base, scavenge for supplies and food, and cooperate with other players.

For a dusty red globe, ROKH’s Mars is quite varied between ransacked bases and deep valleys carved into the surface. The trailer also shows the player constructing detailed structures from a tile-based assembly system.

While ROKH is in Early Access, the developers have promised key features will be added, including a full combat system and community events. You can grab it on Steam for $24.99 – no astronaut training needed.